Helping you work more cost-effectively

Looking to get Lean? PV can help. Here are some of the ways our value-added services can help you work more efficiently and eliminate wasteful spending.

Value engineering

Save money without sacrificing quality
With more than a century of combined industry experience, our inside sales team knows how to save you money without sacrificing quality. We’ll work with your project teams, architects, and engineers to analyze your specified equipment systems and propose lower-cost alternatives that still meet your requirements for quality, performance, and safety.

Digital submittal packages

Instant access to save you time and money
No more waiting for submittals. PV Sullivan’s submittal packages are electronically generated and archived for instant customer access. Our library of more than one million items is continuously updated by manufacturers so that we can provide you with the most accurate pricing and specification data in the industry.

Lean supply

Eliminate Overspend with PV Express®
Get out of the warehouse business. With our PV Express innovative consignment, vending, and managed inventory solutions, you can eliminate product returns and wasteful project over-spending.


24/7 Access
Check pricing, availability, account activity, or enter a sales order from your desktop or mobile device with PV Sullivan’s browser-based e-commerce module.


Let PV Help
Let the professionals at PV Sullivan help determine the BTU requirements for your residential or commercial project, including boiler and baseboard sizing.

Product training

Learn from the Experts!
PV Sullivan is proud to offer several product training events and seminars in conjunction with our industry partners.

Tool rental program

PV Has What You Need When You Need It
PV Sullivan rents Orion and Aquatherm fusion, Ridgid Pro-Press, and Mega-Press tools to qualified customers.